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“People only remember those fun experiences when they’re memorizing games in the past! However, I feel like you guys should remember those ‘how did they screw it up’ experiences too! Don’t just throw out all those good old days from Super Nintendo and Square Enix! Please try to remember! Many crappy games randomly got a contract with a celebrity, and the weird ones adapted from a famous manga artist!”


At last, Tendou-san and Uehara-kun’s camp wrapped their hands around their head and started struggling. As for Chiaki and me, we raised and high fived each other in satisfaction. …I slightly changed my mind for you, Chiaki!

-So, we started a continuous, back-and-forth tug of war between games.

“Old games got a ‘soul’ in them.” “If we can play old games right now, we can say that ‘now’ is eternally the peak of gaming.” “No, those experiences can only be gained when you play in that era.” “You can feel that in this generation as well!”

Anyway, we can’t reach a conclusion, but that’s why it’s so intense.

So, just as the conflict is reaching its climax…

“Right-“ Aguri-san suddenly interrupted as she raised her head. Then, she threw another grenade at us with a super relaxed look.

“By the way, speaking of consoles, Nintendo’s the best, right?”


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Right away, we stopped arguing about whether old games are better as we fell silent. Just as Aguri-san is frozen, …all of us shrugged and mumbled.

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“…That’s what a non-gamer looks like…”