Is there anyone using mobile phones online?

Is there anyone using mobile phones online?

“Okay. Then let’s go to the bus stop.”

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So, the three of us partnered up and walked along the streets in the night. I initially wanted to ask Chiaki what does her reaction mean…However, right now, she’s chitchatting with Aguri-san, so I missed the chance.

Sigh, I can’t just keep bothering her. I changed my mind and looked at the roads dazedly.

…But, by the way, come to think of it, it’s quite rare for the three us to be in a group. Although we’re all Game Hobby Club members, perhaps it’s not easy to only see a 3-person gathering.

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“The Keita Amano that’s walking on the streets at night with a gal and a seaweed head…I don’t even know what will the former self think if he saw this.”

No matter how you put it, I feel like my relationships had a massive change in these few months. Even so, meeting with these two people is just the start. The most shocking fact is still “becoming couples with the legendary Tendou-san.”

“A couple, right…”

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I still felt like this is unrealistic by today’s standard, …not to mention me a few months ago.

But it’s hard to blame me. The opportunity for us to start dating is literally-

“Eh, w-weird?”

“What’s wrong, Aguri-san?”

Since Aguri-san stopped suddenly, I snapped out of my thoughts and asked.

So, Aguri-san pointed at the bus station that we can see already, and she even looked back at me with a perplexed look.

“…I think I saw Tasuku, Tendou-san, …and Konoha-san…walked into the station together…”



…On the same street, there seems to be another unlikely trio.