Money money online high school students

Money money online high school students

At that time, Lou’s wound was already completely healed, so that possibility is very low.

(If that’s the case… No way…)

One possibility crossed my mind.

(Is it possible that〈Companion Partner〉has the ability to link the conditions of Lou and her target?)

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If I look at it that way, everything fits together perfectly.

Just before the start of the special exam, she made sure that I would heal her with darkness.

During the battle, she suddenly harmed herself.

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And then, she asked me why I was unscathed with a shocked expression on her face.

And all of a sudden, Zeon came out to the surface.

(That bad mood and the faint trace of blood on my left hand… Going by that, he probably suffered a『small cut』.)

I don’t know why the effects of〈Companion Partner〉bared its fangs towards Zeon, but…

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I’m sure this is how things roughly came to this point.

After solving most of the mysteries, I turned around to resume the examination, but… The examinees who had been hit by Zeon’s intense bloodlust were trembling all over.

They huddled together with each other and looked up at me as though looking at a monster.