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Surrounded by beautiful, lively green light, he hunts me down.

“Japone Fluid Art... Mawashi Uke(Circular Block)!” [2]

“Hmm, can you handle my flicker?”

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Fast! Not to mention that I am not confident in martial arts.

But this wild, yet speedy, relentless fist strike far exceeds my reaction rate.

Up to now, I am undefeated against opponents of my age, even among the samurai.

But I can’t beat him in this distance.

I didn’t think he could use such a powerful technique to blow away even the fog.

“Oraaaaa!! Quickly, get beat!”

When we played Go in town, he was stronger than anyone in my hometown, his plays took to far-reaching heights that existed in a different dimension, and left a ‘yearning’ in me rather than a sense of ‘wonder’.

I want to play with him more. I even desire to become a disciple.

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However, his impression in a real battle is completely different from what he showed while playing Go.

Strong, soulful, and fiery.