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Q - How is it, then, that, when you were arrested, there were onlytwelve hundred and fifty francs found in your safe, and that amounthad been sent you through the post-office that very morning? Whathas become of the rest?

A - The rest has been spent for the good of the company.

Q - Of course! You had a carriage?

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A - It was allowed to me by Article 27 of the By-laws.

9 - For the good of the company too, I suppose.

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A - Certainly. I was compelled to make a certain display. The headof an important company must endeavor to inspire confidence.

The Judge, with an Ironical Look - Was it also to inspire confidencethat you had a mistress, for whom you spent considerable sums ofmoney?

The Accused, in a Tone of Perfect Candor - Yes, sir.

After a pause of a few moments, the judge resumes,Q - Your offices were magnificent. They must have cost you a greatdeal to furnish.

A - On the contrary, sir, almost nothing. The furniture was allhired. You can examine the upholsterer.

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The upholsterer is sent for, and in answer to the judge's questions,"What M. Lefurteux has stated," he says, "is true. My specialty isto hire office-fixtures for financial and other companies. I furnishevery thing, from the book-keepers' desks to the furniture for thepresident's private room: from the iron safe to the servant's livery.

In twenty-four hours, every thing is ready, and the subscribers cancome. As soon as a company is organized, like the one in question,the officers call on me, and, according to the magnitude of thecapital required, I furnish a more or less costly establishment. Ihave a good deal of experience, and I know just what's wanted.

When M. Lefurteux came to see me, I gauged his operation at a glance.