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"I was rejected by the student council, the ones closest to the student body. I doubt there's a solution for that".

"That's only because you don't have the determination to break the rules. If you disregard the rules, there is a way".

".....I'm not making any risky moves". I suppose that's impossible for someone serious like Katsuragi who also happens to be the leader of Class A. Especially if it happened to be advice from a lower class, he wouldn't just obediently listen to it.

"I think it'll be worth hearing me out, though. More so if giving that present is an important thing for you".

Even though it was the summer vacation, Katsuragi had repeatedly gone to the student council room to obtain permission to deliver his present. I understand his feelings in this matter are not half-hearted.

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"Is this something we should be talking about in a place like this?". Katsuragi pointed out the eyes of the people around us as well as the surveillance cameras.

"I guess so. This isn't really the place, do you want to come to my room?". People usually go in and out of my room on a daily basis anyways, there would be no problem even if I brought Katsuragi in. Katsuragi and I both head towards the dormitory rooms.

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Fortunately, leaving aside classmates, we didn't even encounter a single student as we arrived at my room. I opened the door to my room and turned on the lights.

"Please come in".

"It's a rather clean room, or more like, there's nothing in here. It reminds me of the day we enrolled".

"I get that often". Then after taking our seats, I turned on the air-conditioning and poured tea into cups.

"And? You were talking about school regulations or something earlier".

"For example, if you were trying to deliver a present from the school. It's not something easy to do. Because delivery to outside the school grounds is prohibited in general. You won't be able to access the post office either".

There is a post office located on the school grounds, however, it's more or less a place only teachers make use of. Students do not enter it. It's obvious even if we ask them, we would be rejected. That is why Katsuragi went through the student council to try and obtain permission and make arrangements.