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At one point, I raised my head to confirm that the bus isn’t coming for a while before opening the game. First, I took the login rewards and checked my progress. After all that…


…I found out there’s a message sent to my account.

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“Is it some kind of compensation from the system maintenance a while ago?”

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My mood was slightly uplifted due to the free spin, so I opened the inbox. At that moment, the text that came into view is…

<Sender: Tsucchi>

The appeared text freaked me out. I can’t help but raise my face and look around meaninglessly…Then-


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Coincidentally, the bus slowed down and stopped at the station I’m waiting. Although I was a bit restless, I still went onto it and walked along the empty carriage the same as usual. Then, I sat down at the double seat at the front that I treated as my own personal space.


When the bus started, I put my bag to the side and took off my scarf and let out a sigh in relief.

The plain and boring scenery slowly passed by the window. I can hear the engine of the bus and the chitchatting behind from time to time.

I’m still holding my phone with my right hand and looked outside the window dazedly…Basically, it’s hard for me to say that I like going out or going to school alone. However, I really love the 15 minutes that I’m taking the bus to the school leisurely in the morning. This is slightly different than the “leisurely alone” time in my room. Also, the time when I’m taking the bus ranks no.2 in where my creativity runs high. No.1 is when I’m washing my hair in the bathroom. Recently, I’m taking good care of my hair because a certain bean sprout midget has been taunting me as a seaweed head. That’s why I’m getting exceptionally creative….Ah, it’s not like I care.

“…By the way, why would he send an in-game message to me in times like this…”

I adjusted my breathing and looked at the screen again. It’s still showing the message with Tsucchi as the sender. It seems like my eyes are working correctly.