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This is somehow really convincing to me. Indeed, …a story’s “essence” is slowly pushing towards the end. I have to think about this.


…Wait, does a guy living an everyday life need this ability? Isn’t it far more critical to grasp the skill of talking effectively?

However, Tendou-san, Chiaki, and Uehara-kun look like they are kids from the Showa period looking forward to a serialized play. Their eyes are glowing brightly. Well, I can’t really reject them…

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“…Fine. I’ll go from the start. …Well, I may as well try to make the story sound more interesting in my own way.”

“Alright, Amano-ya!”

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I didn’t expect a guy like me to feel that my treasured friends are annoying one day. I glanced at Aguri-san. She, the girl who knows the entire story, shrugged frustratedly before yawning. After that, she started playing on her phone lazily…

(…Hey, everyone, the “main heroine” of my following story is acting like that. …Do you guys really not care about that?)

Even though I really wanted to say that, the three of them will just complain, “How disappointing do you have to be?” So, I kept it inside my heart.

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“Uh, …well, Main-san and I are in the final game duel that wagers <Aguri-san’s ownership> started like that…”

All of my friends are looking at me.

I started talking about my ridiculous experience- Also, I’m giving a speech passionately in front of the gal that’s still the main heroine-