Does the labor are really online?

Does the labor are really online?

I found myself wondering if he was being sincere or not, but I was unable to tell.

Getting up from the sofa, Kōenji approached Hirata and lightly patted him on the shoulder.

“After you’re done licking your classmate’s wounds, please be sure to throw out the unnecessary trash.”

The moment these words left Kōenji’s mouth, Hirata firmly pushed the call button.

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“…Let’s go Ayanokōji-kun.”


Hirata’s tone, which had been amicable up until this point, now contained slight traces of anger.

There is trash among your classmates.

Hirata probably couldn’t help but feel irritated by what Kōenji had implied.

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He only spoke up after the elevator door closed behind us.

“Haa… Sorry. I let you see something a bit unseemly.”

“Don’t worry about it. Kōenji’s opinions are troublesome.”

Hirata forced a light smile and slightly lowered his head.

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“So he struck a chord with you back there as well… Deep down, I know that preventing the expulsion is unrealistic. Despite everything, somewhere on the inside, I’ve already given up.”

The elevator arrived at Hirata’s floor. We disembarked and headed over to his room.

“Come on in.”

“Sorry for intruding…”

This was the first time I had been in Hirata’s room. Fundamentally speaking, the interior decor was simple, similar to my own room. There was a light, gentle scent in the air, similar to that of air freshener.

Although it was a bit plain, it was becoming of him. A very well-arranged room.