What are the small elephants?

What are the small elephants?

"I suppose so".

It might just mean that Kiriyama simply cannot afford to relax.

After the conclusion of our conversation with Kiriyama, we were finally on our way back. On that way back, Karuizawa who was walking behind me called out.

"It's like this developed way beyond my expectations".

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"What do you think? About what Vice-President Kiriyama said earlier?".

"There's no way I'd know anything about that. It might be because I still don't know why he hates President Nagumo to that extent".

Those thoughts of Karuizawa, resemble my own thoughts. A wise person would not draw any closer.......might be true. In order to secure the older Horikita as an ally, I had considered temporarily making Nagumo into my enemy but despite everything I still felt as though that choice was not the right call.

It's just sadly enough, thanks to me amusing myself during the relay against the older Horikita at the sports festival, Nagumo ended up fixing his interest on me. Of course, if I make Nagumo think that is simply his groundless fear, he would soon enough forget about me, but depending on the situation he may also move to get rid of me. If I take the word of my surroundings at face value, Nagumo will never tolerate the existence of his enemies.

"By the way. What was that stuff earlier............that partner thing".

"Did you not like it?".

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"If you onesidedly decide to make me your partner, it can't be helped even if I dislike it right?".

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"Then shall I cancel it?".

".......if you want me to become your official partner, there's an appropriate attitude and sincerity you should be having right?".