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I’m getting more suspicious about the whole lesbian theory. Chiaki didn’t mention Tendou-san’s headphones color…Is it because Tendou-san’s color didn’t change? Didn’t Chiaki hug Tendou-san because she recognized her?

Just as I’m mumbling with a confused look, Aguri-san suddenly took a sip of my iced coffee and spoke to herself.

“After all, …it’s because she thought that it was Tasuku…”

Aguri-san drank half of my iced coffee directly like it’s nothing…Although we were freaking out with the indirect kiss just then, come to think of it, Aguri-san taking my stuff is nothing unusual. It’s just that I’ve never done the same to her…I feel I was dumb for getting immersed in the mood.

I led the discussion again.

“Well, we have to bear the most responsibility, though.”


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We let out a big sigh again. Aguri-san flattened herself on the table.

“I spent a lot of time explaining to Tasuku, and Tasuku did smile before saying ‘I understand’….But, honestly, I still don’t feel like they treat us as innocent.”

“The same goes for me. Although Tendou-san also smiled and said she understands, …that was just a ‘courtesy Tendou-san’ smile.

“But, we really didn’t kiss.”