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I don’t think there was anything perverted in what I just said…

「Th-That is… m-mou… it’s nothing!」

Ria walked toward the bathroom, while blushing for some reason.

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「I-If you peek this time, I will never forgive you…!」

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Then, she closed the divider curtain and began to undress.

「Aa… it’s absolutely fine, so don’t worry.」

After that, I took a bath after Ria got out.

Just before going to bed, there was a problem with the question,「Who will sleep where?」.

Well, it’s obvious, but this room has only one bed.

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I said I was the man and would sleep on the floor, but Ria said,「It’s strange for the master to sleep on the floor and for the slave to sleep on the bed」while nodding her head.

Since there was no choice, we decided to sleep on the right and left ends of the bed together as a compromise.

(I feel that she trusts me a little too much, and her guard is too low… well, it’s fine)

Then I used the remote control at the bedside and turned off the lights in the room.

「Goodnight, Ria.」

「G-Goodnight… Allen…」