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He had been quite busy as the branch manager these days.

Preparations for the other branches were in full swing. Of course, Guo Licheng could not manage everything on his own. Thus, he had found a few fitness trainers in Deposit Fitness’ flagship store whom he knew very well and made them branch managers of other branches.

He purchased equipment of the same brand and informed Rui Yuchen of Fish-Catching Take-Out as well. Placing the exact same orders at all the nearby Fish-Catching Take-Out outlets would be easy to do. Only recruiting new employees would be quite troublesome.

Guo Licheng had already set recruitment guidelines for the other branches. He followed Boss Pei’s instructions strictly: they had to assess every trainer’s muscles and body shape first. Even if they could talk extremely well, they would not be hired unless they could train equally well.

That meant that many trainers did not make the cut because of their body shape. Thankfully, Boss Pei was offering a generous remuneration. Thus, despite the strict recruitment standard, a significant number of trainers who matched the criteria jumped ship.

Thus, preparation for the various branches was going quite smoothly. Deposit Fitness’ branches were going to start opening for business over the next two days.

It seemed like the Deposit Fitness outlet at Ming Yun Villas would be the first to open. Since Guo Licheng had been extremely busy, he had not found the time to take a look. He had also had no idea whether the gym would operate well or not once it opened for business.

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According to Guo Licheng’s preliminary judgment, it would not go well.

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One look at the state of the flagship store, and one would be able to tell.

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Apart from being occupied by the other branches, Guo Licheng had been following Boss Pei’s instructions strictly and training hard. He was afraid that Boss Pei would be able to tell if he slacked for a day or two and that he would end up being criticized.

However, that also meant that Guo Licheng had no time to attract new customers or publicize the gym.

Things had been alright when Coach Yaling was still around. Each day, new customers would register for slots because of her. However, now that Boss Pei had transferred Coach Yaling away, the gym was much more deserted.

“Branch Manager, the fitness meals are here!” The lady at the front desk called out to Guo Licheng.

He looked up and saw two delivery men from Fish-Catching Take-Out carrying insulated delivery boxes on their backs. They placed them down, retrieved the take-out boxes from inside, placed them neatly on the table, and then left in a hurry.

It was almost noon, and the delivery men had other deliveries to make. Since Deposit Fitness was family, they had not felt the need to be polite. That was why they left immediately after completing the delivery.