How to recommend money online

How to recommend money online

I gave up and put away my phone, and then decided to empty my mind to listen to the conversation of those two staff members.

“Yeah. It’s because it was supposed to make the visitors unable to tell who’s who. If the headphone colors are the same as the original, isn’t that meaningless?”

“Isn’t that a bit too daring…?”

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“No, no, no, some people like this actually. We’ve already tested this a couple times. When we “reveal the result of the arrangement” at the plaza, the young visitors will often chuckle and say, “oh, that was you” before bursting into laughter. It was fun.”

“Uh, that’s because everyone wanted to mess with each other, right? But that group was…”

“But that last girl said it’s okay to turn on the shuffle function.”

“Really? Then I guess…it’s fine? Ah, also, what will the colors of the Gorgeous Love after we shuffled them? Will the colors be simply rearranged?”

“Nope, to present an even higher rate of randomness, sometimes the colors will repeat themselves. Right, …this time, the arrangement of the colors is really unbalanced. If I remember correctly, there should be 4 blue, 1 white, and 1 red.”

“Uwah, that’s super unbalanced, even blue can match up with blue as well.”

“However, nobody should find out as long as you don’t take your headphones down and check the color.”

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“Oh, …sigh, then I’ll be leaving today! Thanks for your work.”

“Alright, thanks.”

The two staff members disbanded after the girl said that. The conversation is over.