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Right away, Ike requests an explanation of the details from Chabashira-sensei at the front.

Perhaps that was strange but Chabashira-sensei unusually lets out a slight laugh.

"It's exactly what you think it is, Ike. From the prizes you win at the sports festival, you can acquire marks you can use to supplement your written exams. In particular, you're bad at English and Mathematics, right? It means the marks you've acquired can be used in any way you like. For each mark you acquire it just means it'll be incredibly useful for your next test".

It couldn't be helped if they became restless from that but for those students whose sole speciality happens to be sports, screams of delight also rose up. If they spring into action in the sports festival and acquire marks, they can use them to supplement their scores in the case that they get failing grades later. In other words, it means the possibility of them evading expulsion had risen.

Looking at it from the perspective of students who are skirting the failing grade, it could truly be described as a situation they have been waiting for.

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It isn't a huge blessing for honor students like Hirata and the others but for that, even if unnecessary they can still simply acquire private points. Ultimately, either way there's no mistaking the fact that it's a reward to be grateful for.

Even leaving the 3 Idiots aside, there are more than a few students who feel anxious regarding their academic abilities. Since in regards to the written exams, the ultimate penalty of expulsion awaits, it seems they cannot afford to let their guard down at all.

However, for such a nice story obviously there is a flip side to it.

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? After completion of all competitions, within a school year a total count of all points will be conducted and the bottom 10 individuals will be penalized

Since the penalties will differ based on each school year remember to confirm with the instructor in charge.

Such troublesome contents were also written at the bottom of it.

"Sensei, what kind of penalty is this going to be?".

"For you 1st years the penalty imposed will be a score deduction on your next written exam. The bottom 10 students score-wise will be receiving a deduction of 10 marks so beware of that. As for how the deduction of scores will be applied, that will be explained as the next written exam draws near so I won't be taking any questions on that here. Again, the announcement of the bottom 10 will be conducted similarly and will be announced on the occasion of the explanation regarding the written exam".

"Geeeeh!?!? Seriously!?".

In other words, if Ike happened to place at the bottom of his school year then on the next written exam it would mean that he would have a further 10 marks deducted from him on top of skirting the failing grade. It would probably mean he has to face a considerably difficult exam.

Having received a brief explanation on that matter, next up would be checking the details of the competitions coming up in the sports festival.

In dividing up the events that will be held during the sports festival into categories they can be split up between 'Universal Participation' and 'Recommended Only Participation'. Universal Participation is, literally, an event where all the students of a class participate.

The individual 100 meter sprint is also like that, and group competitions such as tug of war also fall under this category.