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“I see. Well then, let me tell you one more thing. Sadly, there’s one error in your formula. Rather than truncating, we rounded the tests. Last test rounded down to 32, this test rounded up to 40.”


“In your mind, you probably noticed that the score was rounded. But holding onto that possibility… well, that’s too bad. First period will start soon, so I will leave now.”

Horikita had no more ways to retort and stayed silent. She wasn’t able to counter her words, and her last hope was shot down. After leaving the classroom, the door slammed shut and the whole class was silent.

While trying to face the reality of having to drop out, Sudou looked at Horikita, who tried to stop him from failing by dropping her own grades.

“…I’m sorry. I should’ve dropped my points even further.”

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Horikita slowly lowered her hand.

Even 51 points was considerably low.

If she dropped her grade to the 40s, she herself would be at risk for dropping out.

“Why… You said that you hated me, didn’t you?”

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“I’m just doing this for myself, don’t misunderstand. It was in vain, though.”

I slowly got out of my seat.