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Beach Flag – A classic sport that competes for a single flag that is placed only 20 meters away.

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The contestants face their backs against the flag and lie face down, and stand up with the whistle – and start running towards the flag.

The rules are very simple – first person to get the flag, wins

From Thousand Blade Academy, I, Rose, and the president participated.

「The start of Beach Flag is most crucial…」

「I’m confident in my explosive power!」

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「Fufu, I won’t lose!」

On the other hand, the contestants from Ice King Academy were, Sid-san, Cain-san, and a female student of their student council.

「Oi, don’t get in my way.」

「Of course, I understand.」

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「Do your best, Sid!」

When everyone was lying face down – the whistle blew.

The moment I immediately stood up and turned around.

「Ha, you’re all slow. You damn small fries!」

Sid-san had already started running forward.

「Kuh, so fast!」

There was a remarkable difference in our reaction speed…

And as he leisurely grabbed the flag,

「Hahaa! My level of talent is different! You ordinary trash fellows!」he said, with a heinous smile on his face.