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Anyway, why is this happening?

“Ahaha, you’re finally back~, Earth!”

“Elder Sis Tsukshi! What’s this all about?”

Ahead of us, as I was carried and taken down the road, Elder Sis Tsukshi was smiling wryly in an apron.

In the first place, Elder Sis Tsukshi said that she would cook a lot of treats at the celebration today, but I never imagined this scale.

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At best, I thought they would invite some friends and acquaintances to the church cafeteria.

But this level is…

“You know, a lot of people brought in gifts saying ‘This is for Earth’, and it was too much for just us, so before long… this~?”


“Come, come, the guest of honor will be in the middle! The whole city’s going to be in an uproar, and I’m going to be very busy! I’ve got a lot of work to do, and I’m hoping Big sister Sadiz’s will help me out soon!”

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Elder Sis Tsukshi already looked very busy, but also somewhat happy.

Sadiz was also called, so she hurriedly wiped away her tears and ran up with a smile.

“Older Brother!”

And this time, Amae came running up.