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Dodriel was defeated in front of a large crowd that he had gathered. By me, who he had been mocking for three years as the『dropout swordsman』

That’s what hurt his delicate pride.

(Objectively speaking, it’s unjustified resentment, but…)

This is certainly the seed that I sowed.

That is why, to put an end to this – I’ll cut him.

「You who were immersed in the complacence called Swordsmanship Academy… I wonder if you can cut me?!」

Dodriel widened his eyes, and

「Rain Style Secret Technique – Passing Shower!」

A one-point concentrated thrust.

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I gave a short answer to his question.

「Aa, I can cut you!」

I swung down my『pseudo-black sword』that was covered with darkness.

「Ka, ha!」

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The swing cut through the『shadow world』and carved a deep sword wound into his chest.

「GA, AAAAAAAAAAAA!? M-My… My world?!」