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“Indeed, the competition between the two sides is reaching its climax. We still have to compete on who has more wealth.”

Min Jingchao nodded. “Indeed, this should be the last step for Dayak Corporation and Finger Games. They have no better way but to fight a price war with us.”


“I believe in Boss Pei. No matter what method Finger Games comes up with, Boss Pei will definitely have a countermeasure!”

Ye Zhizhou: “I wonder what kind of countermeasure it would be.”

Min Jingchao sighed. “How can we guess what Boss Pei is doing?”

“However, I believe the mystery will be revealed soon.”

“Our vacation is almost over. Pack up and get back to work immediately. Cooperate with Boss Pei and fight the last battle with Dayak Corporation!”

Ye Zhizhou nodded. “Yes, I think so too!”

“I can understand Brother Bao’s feelings now. We want to travel overseas for fun and relaxation after working for a long time. However, it would be quite tortuous if it was an extended holiday.”

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“I’ve had enough fun during my vacation. I can’t wait to get back to work!”

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Pei Qian was pacing around his office madly.

There was something wrong. There was something terribly wrong!

He knew very well that Surprise and Zhu Yidan’s Boring Life were both well-known in the realm of short videos. They were both very successful!

Boss Pei’s Daily Life—the show that Zhu Xiaoce wanted to shoot now—was very similar to both of these shows at the core. It would most likely become very popular as well!

What should he do?