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"Please do".

If this is her putting up an act, then it's one hell of an act but I don't really feel that from her. I can only imagine these actions of hers to be because she genuinely loves books.

But I've made a strange connection in a strange place. Of course, I should be on my guard if this is a trap that Class C is setting up but I think it's safe to say this matter is a complete coincidence.

I promised to return it to her at a later date just as the bell signalling the end of our lunch break rang.

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After school, I got contacted as usual through our group chat.

'Come to Keyaki Mall if you can. The usual place'.

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A casual message from Haruka. The moment I tried to reply with my phone, a verbal sword from the neighbor came flying at me.

"That grinning face of yours is giving me the creeps".

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"Yours. You do have some self-awareness, right? Even without me having to point it out?".

"I can at least say with confidence that I wasn't grinning".

Because I don't remember the corners of my mouth curving upwards.

"Is it just that you're even more serious than I am or perhaps you're playing dumb.....? I'm talking about your inner self".