The most profitable online part-time platform

The most profitable online part-time platform

He needed more convincing evidence, such as... the views of certain industry insiders and even Tengda insiders!

“It would be best if Boss Pei personally expressed his stance, but...”

“Boss Pei would definitely not agree.”

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“That’s because Boss Pei has always had the character of ‘everyone will laugh it off if they criticize me’. He doesn’t care about the attacks and slander from the outside world. He would definitely not speak up for something like that.”

“We can only settle for the next best thing and look for the person-in-charge of this project.”

“Yes, ask around.”

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Qiao Liang did not know who was in charge of the development of ‘Mission and Choice’. Logically speaking, it should be Hu Xianbin from the games department. However, it was very likely that someone else was involved in such a huge project.

It did not matter even if he was not sure. Qiao Liang was good friends with many Tengda employees. He would know after asking around.

April 17th, Tuesday...

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The moment Pei Qian woke up, he took his cell phone and checked the comments section of Products of the Gods.

Then, a smile appeared on his face.

“Yes, very good. The money was not wasted!”

Even though he had a 20%!d(MISSING)iscount, he had bought high-quality fake reviewers after all. Pei Qian had spent tens of thousands of yuan on his bank account, but the effect was immediate.

The direction of the comments section had obviously changed!

Questioning “Mission and Choice” was not worthy of the “milestone” and “industrialization model”. The voices gradually became louder. Even though it was not mainstream, it could at least compete with the voices of praise.

It was impossible to gain full control of the situation. Qiao Liang had many fans after all. More people meant more power. It would be a daydream to think that the fake reviewers that he had spent tens of thousands of yuan on would be able to suppress all these voices.

However, Pei Qian was quite satisfied to be able to do this.

The key was to mislead the ignorant audience.