Learning the online answer

Learning the online answer


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Ishizaki shouted, who managed to attract attention from our surroundings even in such a noisy environment.

The person who reacted sensitively to this was none other than Ryūen.

“Shut it. Do you really want to make a scene in a place like this, Ishizaki?”

“S-sorry. Because Miyake was so cocky, I just…”

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“I don’t hate emotionally impulsive idiots, but now you need to behave yourself.”


Ryūen was right. There aren’t only first years around, but also senior students, shop assistants, and several surveillance cameras. It’s a public place without any blind spots.

If an incident happened here, Class C would clearly be at fault. It’s almost certain that they would be subject to punishment based off the testimony and recordings that we would have as evidence.

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“I have no business with you. I’m interested in the two people over there.”

Ryūen said so as he shifted his line of sight from Miyake over to Yukimura and me.

“Have you received my gift?”

“What the hell are you talking about……”

Naturally, Yukimura couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He looked to me as the other person Ryūen referred to. The so-called ‘gift’ is undoubtedly the time he sent a message with the words ‘Who are you?’

“Who knows……”