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It seemed like a perfectly reasonable option, but I had to keep in mind that those who weren’t able to register for the Fire Starter Task would probably choose to head over to it instead. Plus, if the next designated area appeared off to the east, I’d have to travel a considerable distance from C6 to get there.

Speaking of distance, the furthest of the 14 Tasks was all the way in area G3, a Task called ‘Trivia Test’. It was a high-value Task that one person from each group could participate in, where first place would be awarded with 10 points. Even though the registration deadline was 180 minutes, there was still a chance that you’d run out of time before you could get there. And, if you went to G3, there was a high probability that you’d have to give up on reaching your next designated area, so you couldn’t make the journey without giving it a lot of thought first.

However, if everything went smoothly, you could effortlessly earn 10 points with this Task alone.

“What an interesting exam.”

In a sense, we were free to choose whatever option we wanted.

There were a full three hours until the next designated area would be announced. I got up from where I was sitting, having ultimately decided to head for the Grip Strength Measurement Task in area C6. The students who had gone to see if they could participate in the Fire Starter Task would inevitably waste a little time, so this was my chance to steal a march on them.

As I walked, I began to carefully look over each of the Tasks I didn’t plan on participating in, all for the sake of memorizing everything about the different locations and types of Tasks that might appear.

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“Yoo~hoo~ Ayanokōji-kun!”

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I arrived at the C6 Task site after about 40 minutes of walking, only to find Class 2-C’s homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya-sensei, lying in wait inside a tent in an attempt to escape the scorching heat of the sun.

Furthermore, nearly 20 students from all three school years could be seen in the surrounding area.

“You came all the way here, but unfortunately, registration closed up about five minutes ago.”

Other than Hoshinomiya-sensei, there was a second adult who I had never seen before in the process of explaining the Task to the gathered students.

“So it seems.”

With that being the case, there was no point in me staying here any longer. I tried to leave, not really wanting to be around Hoshinomiya-sensei any more than necessary, but she grabbed me by the arm just as I turned to go.

“Oh don’t be in such a hurry! Feel free to sit back and watch for a while~.”

“Don’t you think it’s wrong for a teacher to encroach on a student’s time just for their own convenience?”

“Awh, c’mon~ Don’t exaggerate! You’ll have oodles of time after this~.”

As a teacher, she should be fully aware of the true nature of this exam, where a split-second judgment could very well mean the difference between a win and a loss, but… she still didn’t seem to have any intention of letting me go.

“My last designated area was D7, so it’s more than possible that my next will be here in area C6. If that happens, will you take responsibility for causing me to lose out on the Early Bird Bonus?”