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He would make arrangements for Zhongdian Chinese Network today.

Zhongdian Chinese Network was located on the upper floor of Tengda Games. Pei Qian had not visited Zhongdian Chinese Network for a long time even though he only had to take two more levels up by elevator.

That was because there was nothing much to see.

Zhongdian Chinese Network might be profitable, but it was not as profitable as other industries. What’s more, it was very stable. There would not be a sudden increase in income.

Pei Qian had always felt that Zhongdian Chinese Network’s entire department was not close to each other. It was a ‘tasteless but wasteful food’ state. That was why he had not asked about it in the past few months.

However, Pei Qian became vigilant again when he saw Zhongdian Chinese Network’s revenue figures increasing steadily this morning. He felt that he could not let this continue.

He could make some arrangements since he was free now.

Pei Qian arrived at Zhongdian Chinese Network and scanned everyone’s working conditions.

Yes, it was alright. At least it was better than Tengda Games.

That same group of people had been staring intently at the screen when he had gone to Tengda Games previously. They were either typing rapidly on the keyboard with their hands or frowning and thinking hard. It was obvious that they were all focused on their work.

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However, everyone was much more relaxed at Zhongdian Chinese Network now. Some people were reading novels on their cell phones, while others were aimlessly looking at various data on the website. In short, it was a relatively relaxed state.

While he could not see any obvious signs of slacking, it was obviously much better than Tengda Games’ working state. This made Pei Qian feel very gratified.

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Zhu Xingan, the current chief editor of Zhongdian Chinese Network, saw Boss Pei and quickly stood up to welcome him. “Boss Pei, why are you here?”

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Zhu Xingan was a little surprised because Boss Pei had not visited Zhongdian Chinese Network for an entire year. He had not given any guidance to Zhongdian Chinese Network either.

Many colleagues thought that Boss Pei had forgotten about Zhongdian Chinese Network.