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Pei Qian frowned. “How can that work!”

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“Change the recording to live-stream.”

“Also, let the judges know that the reviews must be realistic. Don’t give the cold-faced lady any face!”

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“The other dishes are all local delicacies. Cold-Faced Lady has already benefited from the industrialization of fast food and should be stricter in terms of taste.”

“When the time comes, criticize Cold-Faced Lady’s Cold-Faced Noodles harshly. They must point out any problems strictly. Don’t show mercy!”

He Desheng was stunned for a moment but did not ask further. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll call the person-in-charge and ask him to do as you say.”

Pei Qian’s two requests did not conflict with the entire process of the food competition. It was easy to change them as long as he spoke to the judges.

The competition venue for the Street Food Contest this time was in a luxury hotel in Beijing. Meng Chang’s original intention should be to elevate the competition’s style as much as possible so that it would better accentuate the mid to high-end brand of the Cold-Faced Lady.

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Cold-Faced Lady might be fast food, but in Meng Chang’s imagination, it was mainly targeted at small investors and white-collar workers. Therefore, it had to have a certain style and make a clear difference from ordinary cold noodles that were roasted at roadside stalls.

Cold-Faced Lady organized a Street Food Contest in a luxury hotel and the roasted cold noodles would prevail in the end.

It sounded like a hot topic, and it would have their own traffic.

Pei Qian could not be bothered to make a trip to Beijing for this. Thus, he decided not to go this time. He would just watch the live-stream in Jingzhou.

To be honest, this Street Food Contest Was quite interesting. Perhaps it could generate some popularity.

However, Pei Qian did not panic at all.