Is it true that the funny headline is really?

Is it true that the funny headline is really?

“That, that’s… because, there are various reasons. Even if you asked me, you said that completely out of the blue…”

“We wouldn’t mind if your room’s a bit messy, right?”

Albert, who was asked for his opinion, slowly nodded.

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…I can assume that he understood Japanese, right?

He surely needed to use it in exams and lessons, but I wanted to hear him speak Japanese.

“Yeah, yeah. Not just a little bit, it’s extremely messy! There’s nowhere to put your foot! Aiya, what a huge shame!”

“Don’t worry. If you need it, I’ll help you clean up.”

“Nononono! Tissues and stuff, I can’t let a girl clean them up!”

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He couldn’t help but blurt out what he had scattered all over his floor.

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“Tissues…? What does that mean?”

Hiyori tilted her head in confusion. What was that all about?

“Anyway my room is a bit…! Yes, that’s right, let’s go to Albert’s room!”

Ishizaki changed the topic in a panic.

“Right, isn’t Albert’s room great? Right? Right?”

Ishizaki suggested, as if running away from something.

So he understood Japanese after all. Albert gave his approval with a brief response.