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He was going to randomly pick a weapon model from the art resource and add it into the list of weaponry. He was going to duplicate the stats of this weapon and alter a few of its attributes like its attacking strength and speed.

He was going to design a Special Task and conditions to obtain this weapon.

All in all, it was going to be hidden in a place that no one would think of.Pei Qian took a look at the weapons list in the game. There were all types of weapons, and all had complicated stats and attributes.

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However, he still had to think deeper about which weapon he wanted to alter.

If he chose a long-ranged weapon, that would definitely greatly reduce the difficulty of the game.

However, the problem was that as this was an action-based game, there weren’t many long-ranged weapons. There were only bows and crossbows. Just like the Dark Souls game, these weapons also couldn’t be used as primary weapons but only as secondary ones.

This was done to achieve a balance between melee weapons and long-ranged ones. In this kind of game-if one had a long-ranged weapon with a massive range and high attack damage and could be used continuously, it would definitely overpower other near-ranged weapons; that would spoil the fun of the game.

Hence, according to Lu Mingliang and Bao Xu’s original plan, regardless of whether it was a bow or crossbow; these weapons’ damage was extremely low and the interval between each attack long. This was primarily done to lure monsters.

If he really made a sniper rifle or machine gun and tweaked the stats so that these weapons could immediately destroy all monsters, the system would definitely not allow this.

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Hence, although Pei Qian intended to secretly sneak a weapon into the game, he couldn’t go overboard at that.

We parted with Fu on the rooftop and ran down the stairs.

We cut down the enemies we encountered on the way before they could call for backup.

As a result, we were able to reach the tenth floor where the spot is located without stopping at all.

And then we aimed for Zack’s room, which was just around the corner.

「T-There they are! Allen Rodore and his gang!」

One man noticed us and shouted. And as many as 30 members gathered in no time.