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Tsukishiro finally seemed to be satisfied, and distanced himself from me.

“It’s about time. It would be rude to make others wait.”

Maybe he was referring to the adults who left first.

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“But since you don’t plan on dropping out yourself, from today onwards, your life at this school will be difficult.”

“Although I do want to live a peaceful school life, it seems like there’s no way, I will be conscious of this.”

Tsukishiro smiled, and just as he was about to leave, he made a proposal.

“Do you want to play a game, which would be advantageous for you?”

“A game?”

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“When the next semester starts, I will make a child of the White Room enrol as a freshman.”

I was originally thinking about what he was going to say, in the end, what he said was unexpected.

“Is it fine for you to tell me something like this?”

“No problem at all. You should have thought of the possibility of that kind of thing happening anyway. Our intent was to give this child a final ultimatum, so if you discover this child’s identity, I will expel him.”

This was a decision I did not need to do myself.

I memorised what Tsukishiro said, but I did not intend to believe him at all.

“It seems like you don’t believe me. Do you think it’s possible for me to send four or five people here? This school isn’t so lax in its policies for me to send in multiple people, you’re thinking about this too much.”

“Whether you said it was one person or a hundred, I wouldn’t believe it at all.”