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Online part-time earning regular platform high school students

“But, it can’t be helped when there’s body contact between friends. Doesn’t Uehara-kun pat Keita’s head too?”

“I-Indeed, as friends, we touch, …right? N-No, that’s not true for opposite genders-“

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“Ah, I’m not touching you on purpose. It’s just sometimes. Keita, you’re too self-conscious.”

Chiaki suddenly interrupted seriously. …Hmm, after she explained it clearly, I think I’m embarrassed by my self-consciousness.

“R-Really? Sorry, I was overthinking. Well, …I think you can touch me.”

“Yes, this is what we call friends, Keita. Well, I’ll touch you to my heart’s content. …Here.”

“…Uh, I think it’s okay for ‘friends’ to do that, …right.”

“You’re totally defenseless, Keita Amano!”

Suddenly, even Tendou-san started yelling along with Uehara-kun and Aguri-san too.

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I answered in confusion.

“W-Well, didn’t Chiaki just say I’m just overthinking…?”

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“That’s because you’re too pure! Oi, Amano! While I appreciate your absolute trust in friends, you have to draw the line when you start dating Tendou!”

“Line? I mean, I did draw a certain line already…”

“Really? Well, let me ask you this, Amano. If Hoshinomori said, ‘Hey, let’s spend the whole night in my house playing games as friends, okay?’ to you, what would you do?”

“What will I do? …Ha, did you really think I’m this stupid, Uehara-kun?”

“O-Oh, sorry, I think this question’s difficulty too low-“