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「A-Ahahaha… let’s talk about that later, for now…」

I gently turned down their wishes, and looked down at Instructor Don, who was on his knees, gritting his teeth.

「Instructor Don Gorg, will you accept the defeat?」

And when I asked again,

「……….S-Shit… I, I was wrong… Please forgive me…」

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After a long silence, he expressed an honest apology.

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Thus, I successfully defeated Don Gorg, the instructor of Senior Holy Knights, and heaved a sigh loudly.

(Haa… What should I do after this?)

Tattered training hall.

The instructor riddled with wounds

Myself unscathed.

(I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to the people of the association.)

I got involved in a big mess on the first day itself, and was worried about the『explanation to the association』and『consequences』.

As I glanced around at the tattered training hall and thought about how to explain this situation, I noticed footsteps coming this way.

Perhaps the staff of the Holy Knights Association heard the sound of broken windows and are heading towards us in a hurry.

(For the time being… I have no choice but to explain it as it is…)

I don’t know if they’ll believe me, but let’s just describe the plain truth.

When I made up my mind, a man walked into the training hall.