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"Besides, even amongst the same school year, you're a pretty calm man. That type of person is scary after all".

"Well, please think of it as you wish".

We were still in the middle of our conversation but since a boy from Class C got between us, our conversation was cut short. Except for Kanzaki, it doesn't seem like there are any prominent faces in the fourth group.

It'll be an error if my rank rises by even a bit.

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At the same time as the starting signal, I started running at about the same pace as before.

As expected, Kanzaki overtook a person but since there's only that one student running in front of me, I ultimately ended up with a good result of 3rd place.

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There are combinations to consider too but for better or for worse, it seems like I can maintain this inconspicuous position.

"...haa, good grief.....I can't keep up".

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As I returned to our camp after having finished with the race, Yukimura was whispering to himself with a downcast expression. From the looks of it, after having finished with the second contest, he wasn't able to get good results.

"Was it bad?".

"Ayanokouji, huh?.......I want to curse this combination. Seventh group and 7th place....".

So this is what they call a booby prize. He's been driven into considerably bitter circumstances.