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There’s no need to panic.

I put on my casual clothes and get ready to head out.

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I planned to spend most of my break in my room relaxing, but today I was meeting up with a certain person.

I thought there would be some time before they called me, but it was surprisingly early.

But after getting in touch with that person, I contacted another person.

“Is this the final confirmation?”

Because it was the first day of spring break, I would need to adjust some things, but that was fine.

The meeting today was extremely important.

But it wouldn’t be for today. Instead, the true importance of it will be revealed at the end of the spring break.

In late March, the temperature began to warm.

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As we neared the season for the blossoming sakura, news of it seemed to be everywhere.

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Although I was early, when I arrived, the person I was meeting today was already there.

“Hello, Ayanokouji-kun.”

I met with Hiyori, who was looking fresh, and wearing casual clothes in front of Keyaki mall.

“You’re early.”

“I was the one who called you out here, so I couldn’t keep you waiting.”

After she said that, Hiyori smiled slightly.

“Sorry I invited you on such short notice.”