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A girl with glasses and a punctual impression. She felt like an honor student or a chairperson…

“Oh, calm down! Th, this is a peaceful place!”

“Geh!? Budeo!? Hey, I feel sick, why this criminal perv… ugh, the worst …”

Somehow, she’s kind of vulgar. Wearing make-up and the uniform to make an appeal like ‘I’m cute, right?’, it seemed.

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“Well, you don’t have to say that… even if Budeo is… such a bad guy…”

“…… Stay away from him… I heard he was a kidnapper…… after all, bad people cover for bad people… Mortriage…”

She seemed like the most mature, and the most harmless at first glance, even though she looked like a small animal, she said the ugliest things.

Ah… I see… the guys looking out for me and the specific girls reacting to it… ah, with a combination like this…

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“Ha~, all right, that’s enough. It looks like I’m messing around with him… but you’re a real coward, to apologize all of a sudden after being scared. The other boys too. You should all learn a little from José.”

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And when I found the general correlation, orange panties said in an elaborate manner.

And now I heard a black-haired guy’s name.

“Well, I don’t want to stand out fighting in a place like this… ‘Chiyo’… is that okay? 」

“Yes. But I don’t want to wear these panties anymore… boso… Ehehe, I wonder if José should pick out some new ones for me to wear ~”

“Eh? What?”