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Student online doing tasks part-time earnings

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“…I can’t invite you to eat bento together without reason?”

“Eh? No, it’s not like that…But I can’t really imagine you to do that without any reasons…”

“W-What do you know about me! How complacent!”

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“I still ended up getting called a complacent person!”

What should I do? There’s got to be a way to get out of this situation.

I freaked out because I still have no idea how to deal with my girlfriend. So, Tendou-san brought me back to the topic with a cough.

“A-Anyway, we’re talking my stance at the Hobby Club. Amano-kun, what do you think? Should I more or less cater myself in the atmosphere of the Game Hobby Club?”

“Any examples?”

“To put it simply, that means that should I pace myself with the casual players instead of expressing my opinion as a hardcore gamer. People often say that do in Rome as Romans do, right?”

A serious discussion that matches Tendou-san style perfectly. I gave her an “Ahh” before mumbling for a while…Then, I gave a standard and moderate suggestion that fits my style.

“I think you just need to act accordingly to the situation.”

“Sigh, the useless opinion in this circle, act accordingly to the situation finally appeared.”