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“Given the size of this downloadable content, it can barely be done in two months. After all, the main scenes and monsters have not changed much. Many art resources can be used again. Three months should be enough even if we add testing and adjustment.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

Min Jingchao nodded. “It does feel a little strange. This progress is a little dragged out.”

If Pei Qian heard their conversation, he would definitely scoff and say, “What do you know!”

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This had nothing to do with dragging it out. The reason why it had to be delayed for two months was mainly because it was just in time for the settlement cycle!

That was because the previous game development was within the settlement cycle. Thus, it could be developed according to the normal progress.

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However, the downloadable content of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ was relatively special. It was coincidentally at the end of the settlement cycle. If it was developed now, it would take three months to develop it steadily. That would delay the settlement.

That was why he decided to postpone the development for two months to avoid the settlement cycle.

However, Hu Xianbin and Min Jingchao did not know about this. They felt that something was amiss. They naturally had doubts when they thought about the Tengda spirit interpretation criteria of ‘Boss Pei’s unreasonable actions must have a deeper meaning’.

Previously, they had been filled with inspiration and had been seriously thinking about the design plan. Thus, they had buried these doubts in their hearts for now.

However, now that the design plan was more or less complete, they could not write a formal design plan even if they had drafted a draft. They also could not start production.

This question surfaced again in this torturous state, and it was difficult to ignore it.

Both of them fell silent and pondered.

Hu Xianbin frowned and said, “Do you think Boss Pei is hinting that we have something else to do by purposely giving us such a long time and not allowing us to start working on the downloadable content for Eternal Reincarnation?”