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His throat closed up.

Pei Qian had realized that everything Xiao Peng said was true. No matter how low the level of economic development was in a city, there would always be a group of richer people.

Places like that normally lacked high-end restaurants and entertainment facilities.

It was the same a few years ago when what foreigners saw as fast food brands entered the local market. Within a short time, the locals saw those brands as high-end and started rushing like ducks to try them.

It was only a few years later, when China’s economy developed further, that those brands looked ordinary to the locals. They became nothing more than fast food brands again.

Now, the same thing was happening to the Fish-Catching Complex in Lincheng. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, and the other businesses’ goods and services were coincidentally priced below the upper limits of what Lincheng’s rich could afford.

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At the same time, they were presentable and healthy. Their value was obviously higher than other brands. That was why they were so well-received among Lincheng’s residents!

Pei Qian stood at the entrance of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, remaining silent for two full minutes.

Then, he turned around and walked away.

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Xiao Peng was stunned. “Huh? Boss Pei, are you leaving? Aren’t you going to see how the other internet cafes are doing?”

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With his expression dark, Pei Qian replied, “There’s no need!”

Xiao Peng could not help but feel emotional. “Boss Pei is really swift and decisive. With a single look, he could tell that victory is his. He doesn’t even want to look any further. “Everyone always says that Boss Pei is like a general. Today, I’ve seen for myself that it’s true.”

Xiao Peng watched as Boss Pei stepped into the elevator and then quickly followed suit. Finally, he walked Boss Pei to his car.

“Boss Pei, you’re welcome at Lincheng to offer guidance any time!” Pei Qian forced a smile, boarded the car, and then left. He had traveled all the way to Lincheng, thinking that even the worst-case scenario could not be that bad.