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“Do I look like some haughty lady who can’t acknowledge her own defeat?”

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I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t see it.

“What I wanted to know was where things stood between the two of us. Who stood above the other. I’d never sit here and complain about the result.”

“Though, while I may have won, this was just a recreation. There’s no guarantee that the match would’ve progressed like this at that time and at that precise moment.”

I couldn’t discount the possibility that it was a move I had managed to think of due to the extra time given to me.

No, even more importantly—

“This match was the outcome of the advantageous situation Horikita had created during her match with Hashimoto. As far as I see it, I intervened while we still had the upper hand. I don’t think it was a very fair match.”

The match had only developed the way it had because Horikita had passed her advantage onto me. The fact that Sakayanagi had been able to overcome that while at a disadvantage was a testament to how strong she truly was.

If we played each other from scratch, there was no guarantee that I’d win.

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Even if she proposed to have a rematch with me, I’d want to avoid it if I could.

“Is that your way of comforting me?”

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Sakayanagi chuckled, finding my response strange.

“That’s not it. I was just objectively stating the facts.”

“I’m satisfied with this result. Isn’t that enough?”

If she was satisfied, then that was certainly alright. That being said, it still didn’t make me feel better.

“When this special exam was announced, you could’ve chosen to face me directly by restricting the one-on-one event even further. If you had proposed something like that, I still would’ve accepted. But even so, you didn’t. Why was that?”

Of course, it would’ve still been a random battle fought using only seven of the ten events, so there would’ve been no guarantee that it’d get chosen. But, if the two of us had come to an agreement surrounding both of our one-on-one events, the chances of everything working out would’ve been rather high.

“The reason is simple. As you must have reasoned, there was no guarantee it would be chosen. Also, if you indiscriminately competed with me in this one-on-one match, the people around you would surely be suspicious. I wanted to avoid letting either of those things happen. Though, it was taken advantage of by the Acting Director in the end.”

Sakayanagi had planned out the special exam while also being as considerate to my circumstances as possible.