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「Black Breath!」

Jet-black flames swooped down on me.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

In response to the looming black flame, I greeted it with my prided Flying Shadow.

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The shadow that I shot was drowned out by the black flame in an instant.

(Damn, the output is in a different league from last time…)

I jumped wide to the side and avoided the Black Breath.

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(If I try to get close, indiscriminate ranged attack. If I take a distance, long-range attack with black flames… It’s a really troublesome ability after all…)

Her way of fighting is very similar to Claude-san.

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(Maybe they underwent the same training in Vesteria Kingdom…)

While thinking about that, Ria observed every movement I made, and didn’t show even the slightest opening.

The carelessness and pride that was visible in the previous battle, have completely disappeared.

「…I never thought you could tear down Flying Shadow. I’m amazed, Ria.」

「Fufu, are you surprised? But, this isn’t even the extent of my powers…!」

When she swung her sword, blazing black flames rushed towards me again.