Middle school students make money method online

Middle school students make money method online

"I'm honored to be questioned by you. Please ask away. If you'd like to know why I know you then I don't mind giving you an answer, you know?".

"No, I'm not interested in that. I just want to know one thing".

Sakayanagi and I make eye contact.

"Can you bury me?".

Was what I asked.

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Sakayanagi laughed a bit and then laughed yet again.

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"Fufufu. I apologize for laughing. But I did not intend on insulting the statement you made. I know very well just how awe-inspiring a person you are. I've just begun to enjoy this. Beacuse I will be fulfilling my life's wish by destroying the greatest masterpiece your father has made".

I'd like to wish for that.

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My defeat would mean that man's defeat too after all.

I thought from the bottom of my heart that I wanted this sad contradiction I carry to be destroyed.

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“Boss, another serving of meat for the ramen and another fried egg for the egg fried rice! Get me a side dish too! Cold cucumber will do!”

Pei Qian spared no expenses in order to reward Ma Yang who slurped happily at the meat-filled ramen before him. “You’re really something, Brother Qian! You’re not even acting anymore and you’re showing your traits as a rich second-generation heir! But... this amount of money is enough for us to order at the restaurant beside...”

Pei Qian waved it off. “Man, nono. Even though the restaurant beside isn’t that expensive, it’s not filling.”

“To tell you the truth, we should actually be eating something better to celebrate our start of work. However, all of my money’s saved for creating the game right now so it’s a little tight for me.”