Online gray production

Online gray production

“There’s no such thing as an investment prodigy in the world. Boss Pei has just been using all the time that he’s been given to think in a highly effective manner!

“That’s why I’m trying to learn how to think in that manner by making the complex simple as well.

“I often come here to think quietly on my own. Often, I find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems once I come here to think about them. That’s because coming to this place rids me of all distractions. Nothing would distract or disturb me here.”

A realization dawned on Zhang Lixian.

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So that was why!

She had been puzzled about this before. Boss Pei was the boss of Tengda Corporation, who could earn close to five hundred million yuan in a single transaction. What kind of house would he fail to afford?

This house was not small, but it still could not match up to Boss Pei’s net worth.

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What’s more, Boss Pei had decorated his own house in such a minimalistic fashion. There wasn’t a single thing that was not a necessity. Naturally, one would think about ascetics and Daoists.

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Did that make sense?

Who wouldn’t enjoy convenience and comfort?

Boss Pei’s Tengda Corporation was a huge business. It would be logical for him to choose to enjoy life.

Yet, Boss Pei did not make that choice.

Obviously, he had a special goal.