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「Nn? Was that so… You look like a tough guy though!」

I don’t know what was so fun, but he gulped down the sake in a very pleasant mood.

「Puhaa… Drinking sake with a dazzling『sparkly』has its own special taste!」Zack exhaled. His breath smelling of sake, as he stared at me.

As usual… He keeps saying sparkly and whatnot which doesn’t make sense.

(Haa… I’m feeling exhausted already.)

Looking at his unserious attitude, it felt weird being the only one on edge.

「Zack, where are we?」

As I took a look around calmy, we seemed to be in a room of about six tatami mats.

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A bed, a clothes rack, a refrigerator, an electric fan, open bottles of sake, and underwear flung around; a normal live-in room.

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「Nothing special, just my room.」

「…Your room? It seemed that Thor is here too. Are you two perhaps living together?」

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「Zahaha, well, I guess you could say we are living together! After all, this is the tenth floor of『Belios Castle』- the living quarters of us normal members!」he said, and drained the sake bottle.

「I see, so that’s what it is.」

It seems that the spot was connected to the inner circle of the enemy territory.

(This is convenient.)

According to Rain’s information, Numero Dolan’s residence is in the immediate vicinity of Belios Castle.

(In that case… The question now is how to escape from this castle.)

Zack mentioned this room is located on the tenth floor.

Given the fact that there would be a lot of members of the Black Organization in the castle, it will be quite difficult to escape from here.