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(It is exactly as Ria said….)

A ceremony led by a country, like the Keishinkai, which invites a large number of guests, would be considerably showy to demonstrate the national prestige, Ria said so on the way.

As I was taking in the sight of the hall which felt like another world,

「Ara, it’s been a long time. Ria-san. Allen-san.」

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I heard the president’s voice from behind.


Feeling uncomfortable with the way she called me, I turned around, and found the president dressed in a glamorous long-sleeved kimono.

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「Happy New Year, president.」

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「Happy New Year, president. That kimono is very beautiful!」

When I and Ria said our New Year’s greetings together,

「Happy New Year, Ria-san, Allen-san. Fufu, Ria-san’s kimono is also very beautiful and matches you well.」

The president bowed her head politely, and smiled gently.

(But to meet the president in a place like this… No, rather, this is natural.)

She is from House『Arcstria』.