Junior high school students make money online

Junior high school students make money online

“Boss Pei, the DGE Club is still following the daily training schedule set earlier.

“The ten new members that we accepted are quite good. Although they haven’t fully adapted to the rhythm of the competitions, they’re getting much better under Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the others’ guidance.

“However, it’s only been a while. The DGE Club is one of the poorest in skill among the local clubs.

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“As for the other clubs... they’ve already fully accepted DGE Club’s working hours and training methodology. Ever since they added physical training, their members’ physical health had shown marked improvements.

“Still... the clubs’ managing teams vary greatly. We can only guarantee that the DGE Club’s old members don’t get bullied, but we can’t interfere in other clubs’ internal affairs.

“Of course, the clubs have been showing me enough respect to avoid bullying our old members.

“The champions and core players would be given much more attention after the international invitational tournament. Now, all the clubs have resumed their mock competitions. In their spare time, the team members are allowed to host their own livestreams.

“However... since there are no competitions in the near future, the mock competitions have not been very effective. Everyone has been slacking off a little bit.

“Livestream platforms are developing at a rapid pace and offering higher prices to celebrity players who have not been signed.

“At the same time, livestream platforms and clubs have been working together more and more. Thus, while clubs generally get along well with one another, competition for outstanding players has been getting more intense.”

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Pei Qian immediately became cautious.

Livestream platforms were offering higher prices?

Competition for outstanding players has been getting more intense?

That was not positive news!

Pei Qian knew very well that livestream platforms would only get increasingly popular, and the number of users would only increase. Once that happened, live streamers would see a surge in their own income as well.

What’s more, players in esports clubs were obviously of a higher tier than ordinary gamers.

Apart from live streamers with an obvious style of playing and a knack for putting on a good show, the majority still favored those with good skills.

That was because skills were the most important in esports. The lousy ones do not deserve any applause.

This meant that the clubs would be very valuable for business. There was room to generate profits through sponsorships and income from livestream platforms.